20th September 10:41pm (GMT-5)

K.A.S. Eupen - Gent 14.02.2020

K.A.S. Eupen

2 - 3


1st Half

7' goal Prevljak, Smail

19' goal Milicevic, Danijel
5' goal David, Jonathan

12' goal David, Jonathan

2nd Half

69' substitution Sowah, Emmanuel / Gnaka, Silas
75'   Musona, Knowledge
76'   Ebrahimi, Omid

80' substitution Bautista, Jon / Milicevic, Danijel

85' substitution Bolingi, Jonathan / Prevljak, Smail

90 + 1'   Amat, Jordi
59' substitution Niangbo, Anderson / Owusu, Elisha
68' substitution Chakvetadze, Giorgi / Kvilitaia, Giorgi

77' substitution Dejaegere, Brecht / Bezus, Roman

84' goal Castro-Montes, Alessio

85'   Odjidja, Vadis

1 5.29
X 4.05
2 1.77
Match details
2 Score 3
58 Attacks 69
46 Ball possession 54
7 Corner kicks 3
17 Dangerous Attacks 30
6 Shots off goal 4
3 Shots on goal 10
3 Substitutions 3
3 Yellow cards 1
icon Match started
5` Goal 0 — 1 icon
David, Jonathan Jonathan David scores to make it 0-1 at Kehrweg Stadium..
icon 7` Goal 1 — 1
Prevljak, Smail Smail Prevljak levels the score at 1-1..
icon 10` Corner kick
12` Goal 1 — 2 icon
David, Jonathan Goal! Jonathan David gives KAA Gent a 1-2 lead in Eupen..
icon 19` Goal 2 — 2
Milicevic, Danijel Goal! The home team draw level at 2-2 through Danijel Milicevic..
25` Corner kick icon
icon 35` Corner kick
icon 37` Corner kick
icon 37` Corner kick
39` Corner kick icon
39` Corner kick icon
icon 2nd half
icon 75` Corner kick
icon 75` Yellow card
Musona, Knowledge KAS Eupen's Knowledge Musona has been booked in Eupen..
icon 76` Yellow card
Ebrahimi, Omid Omid Ebrahimi for KAS Eupen has been booked by Jonathan Lardot and receives a first yellow card..
59` Substitution icon
Jess Thorup (KAA Gent) is making a first substitution, with Anderson Niangbo replacing Elisha Owusu..
68` Substitution icon
KAA Gent make their second substitution with Giorgi Chakvetadze replacing Giorgi Kvilitaia..
icon 69` Substitution
Emmanuel Sowah is replacing Silas Gnaka for KAS Eupen at Kehrweg Stadium..
77` Substitution icon
The away team have replaced Roman Bezus with Brecht Dejaegere. This is the third substitution made today by Jess Thorup..
icon 80` Substitution
Jon Bautista is on a sub for Danijel Milicevic for KAS Eupen..
icon 83` Corner kick
84` Goal 2 — 3 icon
Castro-Montes, Alessio KAA Gent's Alessio Castro-Montes scores with his head to give his side a 2-3 lead..
85` Yellow card icon
Odjidja, Vadis Vadis Odjidja (KAA Gent) gets a yellow card..
icon 86` Corner kick
icon 85` Substitution
Benat San Jose Gil is making the team's third substitution at Kehrweg Stadium with Jonathan Bolingi replacing Smail Prevljak..
icon 90` Yellow card
Amat, Jordi Jordi Amat (KAS Eupen) has received a yellow card from Jonathan Lardot..


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The match between K.A.S. Eupen and the team of Gent is held within the tournament of First Division A at the Kehrweg Stadium arena.
Time of the game: 14.02.2020 14:30
The main referee of the match is Lardot, Jonathan

Summary of previous matches between the team of K.A.S. Eupen and the team of Gent:
The confrontation of K.A.S. Eupen and Gent on 11.09.2020 finished with the score of 2:1.
The confrontation of Gent and K.A.S. Eupen on 04.08.2019 ended with the score of 6:1.
The opposition of Gent and K.A.S. Eupen on 09.12.2018 ended with the score of 2:0.
The confrontation of K.A.S. Eupen and Gent on 19.08.2018 finished with the score of 2:3.
The confrontation of K.A.S. Eupen and Gent on 03.02.2018 ended with the score of 1:1.

Schedule of upcoming matches between the team of K.A.S. Eupen and the team of Gent:
Gent - K.A.S. Eupen 05.02.2021

Statistics of participants:
Team: K.A.S. Eupen
Country: Belgium
Coach: San Jose Gil, Benat

Team: Gent
Country: Belgium
Coach: Thorup, Jess

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